BT School ERP

Binary Tulip is a revolutionary software service in the field of school administration that provides all the features that a school needs like online enrollments of students and staff, fee and exam management, attendance and leaves management, teachers-parents interactions, online notice board and message board, assignment management and a lot more...

It makes all the information available on the fingertips for the students, parents and staff and helps to streamline administrative tasks to save time and money.

Messaging service enables schools to instantly notify their community anywhere, anytime. No paperwork required at all. So, lets enter into the new and amazing field of the school management.

Features of BT School ERP

Generate Student Exam Report Cards

You just need to put the marks of students and rest is taken care automatically by our school ERP. No chance of error. Generate, download and print report card with a single click.

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Generate and Print Student ID Cards Instantly

By using our School ERP, you can easily generate and print student ID cards instantly with few clicks. No need to affix student photograph manually. Just print it, cut it, sign it and distribute to the students.

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School – Parents Interaction via Notice Board and Message Board

School can maintain an online notice board and message board (to send SMS/Emails) through which schools can keep parents up-to-date with current school activities like:

1. Outline school principles and policies.
2. Various events, seminars, education trips, newsletters etc.
3. Cultural and extra-curricular activities.
4. Announcements like declaration of exams, results, PTM, holidays, change in school timings, extra classes, transport information and a lot more…

Teachers – Parents Interaction

Teachers can send messages (SMS/Email) to the parents to report the progress / improvements / complaints about the student.

Teachers can update class periods schedule online.

Parents can send messages to teachers about their children.

Parents can also rate the teachers and give them feedback.

It will keep record of the various interactions made between teachers and parents.

Maintain exam results online

Upload your exam results so that parents can access that information from anywhere.

Upload exam schedules so that parents remain aware and prepare their children accordingly.

Maintain online report card.

Exam results for each and every class will always be available online and will be accessed with just few clicks.

Pay Fee Online

Parents can pay fee for their children online using credit card, debit card, net banking within few minutes from anywhere.

No need to visit school every time just to pay fee.

No queues, no waiting in front of fee window.

Reduces school administrative/clerical hurdle to collect fee.

Faster and reliable fee processing.

Online Leave Tracking System

Students/Parents (on behalf of their children) can apply for leave online.

Efficient leaves tracking system: School can easily track leaves which any student/staff member has applied.

Online Study Material and Notes

Teachers can put study material and notes online so that student and parents can easily access those notes.

Post Jobs Online

This portal allows you to post your new/open vacancies (like teachers with certain qualifications, clerks, peons, gardeners etc.) so that you attract the best talent in the market.

Finding the brightest talent to enlighten student future made easier with this portal.

Stay ahead with technology

This is a competitive world and everyone wants to stay ahead.

Technology provides the way to school to provide better and smarter education to the students.

Technology makes everything simple and fast.

Let's Summarize

Streamline administrative tasks to save time and money.

Make information available for students, parents and staff on fingertips.

Improve school-to-home communication for teachers, students and parents.

Enhance teachers-parents relationship.

Enhance involvement of parents in school activities.

Student and teacher rating/evaluation system.

Maintain exam schedules and results.

Maintain school events and activities.

Manage your entire admission process from online application to enrollment.

Student fee payment system available online.

Maintain other school operations like library and cafeteria.

Post jobs on our portal to attract best talent in the market.

Stay ahead of other schools by adopting the technology.

Impress your school community with a great-looking responsive website.

Get rid of paper work and traditional systems.