Offline BT Fee Management Software for Schools, Colleges and Education Institutions

Fee management is a tedious and time consuming task for schools, colleges and other education institutions. It is very hard to manage such a huge and sensitive data on paper registers.

For example, if you have to calculate how much fee has been collected this academic year, how much fine is collected and how much concession is given? How will you calculate this much huge data? How much time will it take to you to calculate? Can you imagine, this calculation is done within a second in this software?

Download the demo version of BT Fee Management Software and try it yourself.



Add / Edit / Delete classes

Add / Edit / Release students

Add / Edit / Delete fee types (Regular Fee, Transport Fee, Admission Fee etc.)

Deposit fee of a student and track the fee history

View and download the fee slip

View due status of all the students and send them SMS alert

View summary of fee deposited, fine collected and concession given for a particular duration (duration may be a day, week, month or an year)

View the list of released/previous students

Search and sort the data as per your convenience (for example, sort the data by class, student name, roll number, gender, DOB, fee type, fee deposit date, due date etc.)

Upcoming features

Birthday reminder

Export data to PDF and MS Excel


All the information is available in front of you within a second with just few clicks

No need to maintain hefty paper registers to manage student and fee records

Saves a lot of working hours and efforts

Easy to use interface. No special skill required to operate it.

No internet connection required (excluding SMS feature)

Your sensitive fee data is not exposed to internet

No hectic installation required (just download, un-zip and run)

Negligible hard disk space required

One time cost and free upgrades

How to use?

Download, unzip and double click on “BTFeeManagement.exe”.

If you get framework related error, it means you need to install updated .NET Framework from Microsoft website. This application is developed over .NET Framework 4.5.2. Below is the link to download the updated framework:

Download .NET Framework 4.5.2

Just download, install and restart your system. Now “BTFeeManagement.exe” should run smoothly on your system.

To view and download the fee slip, you should have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine (usually it is already installed). If not installed, you can download it from Adobe website:

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

System date format should be dd/MM/yyyy or MM/dd/yyyy. If not, you can set it from Control Panel.

Functional Specifications

Main screen: Main screen shows the list of students in your school. You can sort the data by clicking on the column headers. You can search and filter the data using search box. You can view the due dates on the main screen.

Manage Class: This screen is used to add / edit / delete class.

Manage Fee Types: This screen is used to add / edit / delete fee types.

Manage Students: This screen is used to add / edit students.

Release Student: This feature is used to release the students.

Fee Details: This screen is used to deposit the fee of a student. It also shows the history and summary of the fee deposited by the student. You can also view and download the fee slip.

Fee Summary: This screen is used to see the summary of the fee deposited within a particular time frame. Time frame could be a day, a week, a month or a year. You can see total amount of fee deposited, fine collected and fee concessions given.

Send SMS: This feature is used to send SMS to the students whose fee is due. In one go, you can send 50 SMS.

Technical Specifications

This application is developed in C# with SQLITE as database.

.NET Framework 4.5.2 is used for development

It runs on Windows Operating System.


Do take backup of your database file (BTFeeManagement.db) on regular basis on different systems and on internet (like email, cloud etc.). We will not be able to recover your data if database backup is not taken and you have lost/corrupted your database file anyhow.


Do not delete database file. You will lose your data. We will not be able to recover your data.

Do not try to open database file directly or with any tool. We will not be responsible for any data loss or data corruption.

Do not try to manipulate data directly from database file as it may lead to unintended behavior by the application. Application may also crash. Database file is only meant to be used by the application.

Do not delete/rename any file in the downloaded folder. It may crash the application.

Send SMS

This feature is not available in demo version.

You need to purchase an SMS panel separately to use this feature. You can also directly send SMS from that panel.

We can integrated your existing SMS panel if it is HTTP API enabled. You need to share API KEY of your panel which includes URL, USERNAME, PASSWORD and SENDERID.

Before sending the SMS, please make sure you are connected with internet.

Before sending the SMS, please make sure you have enough SMS count in your panel.

You can send maximum 50 SMS at a time.

While the application is busy in sending SMS, please do not click anywhere else especially on “SEND SMS” button. Application may go unresponsive and may lead to unintended results.

Demo Version

SMS feature is not available.

You can only add 20 students

You can only add maximum of 3 fee records per student

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