Generate Student Exam Report Cards Automatically

Creating exam results, calculating marks of each and every student and then generating mark sheet and report cards is a big headache for the school staff. It is a very time consuming, tedious, laborious and exhaustive activity.

In order to create exam results, you need to carefully calculate marks of each and every student in all the subjects. A lot of staff is involved in calculating the marks and creating the report cards. This process takes several days which is a waste of time.

There are a lot of chances of human mistake here. There is a lot of possibility that you wrongly sum up the marks of any student or you can make a mistake while calculating the percentage.

Above all, this tedious activity is repeated 3-4 times in an academic year.

A lot of paper work is needed to keep records of marks of all the exams for each and every student. A lot of time, energy and effort is wasted in this task.

What if a software generate report cards for you within a second with 100% accuracy?

Our School ERP does this efficiently and quickly for you. You just need to put the marks of students and rest is taken care automatically by this software. No chance of error. Generate, download and print report card with a single click.

How to generate report card of a student?

Step 1: Login to Binary Tulip. Username: demo, Password: 123456.

Step 2: Open Administrator Dashboard and click on Student Management.

Step 3: In Student Management, click on View Students.

Step 4: Select a Class (for example, select class 1A).

Step 5: List of all students of class 1A will open. Click on Details of any student (for example, click on Details of a student named Neha Gupta).

Step 6: Profile of the student (Neha Gupta) will open. Scroll it down till the end of the profile, you will see a lot of links. Click on the link "Mark Sheet"

Step 7: Here you can enter exam name and marks of the student. Click on Save Mark Sheet. You can see the mark sheet of all the exams and summary of the marks of all the exams. There is a link to generate PDF of the report card at the end "Generate Report Card".

Screen to enter marks of a student

Report card of first term

Report card of second term

Report card of final term

Summary of all the exams

PDF of report card