Generate and Print Student ID Cards Instantly

By using our School ERP, you can easily generate and print student ID cards instantly with few clicks.

No need to affix student photograph manually. Just upload the student image in his/her profile and it will automatically get affixed to the ID card.

No need to write anything on the ID card with pen except signature and validity date. All the information is automatically picked from the profile details. After generating the student ID card, you just print it, cut it, sign it and distribute to the students.

Below is the sample student ID card generated by our School ERP:

How to generate Student ID Card?

Our School ERP does this efficiently and quickly. Below are the steps to follow to generate the ID card of a student:

Step 1: Login to Binary Tulip. Username: demo, Password: 123456.

Step 2: Open Administrator Dashboard and click on Student Management.

Step 3: In Student Management, click on View Students.

Step 4: Select a Class (for example, select class 1A).

Step 5: List of all students of class 1A will open. Click on Details of any student (for example, click on Details of a student named Neha Gupta).

Step 6: Profile of the student (Neha Gupta) will open. Just upload her photo (if not already uploaded).

Step 7: Scroll it down till the end of the profile, you will see a lot of links. Click on the link "ID Card".

A PDF will be generated, just print it, cut it, sign it and distribute to the students. We can modify the content of the student ID card as per your requirements.