SMS Marketing: BT Bulk SMS Service

SMS marketing is the best way to easily reach out to your potential customers. Your advertisement reaches directly to the mobile phones of your future customers. The success rate is very high with SMS marketing as compared to the other modes of marketing.

SMS marketing is also the cheapest way to market your services and products as compared to the other modes of marketing like Google AdWords, Facebook Sponsored Posts, Justdial, Email Marketing, Telemarketing, Newspaper and TV ads etc. SMS marketing is the most effective and powerful way of advertisement as your content reaches to all the customers you are targeting within a few seconds.

SMS marketing is also the easiest way of advertisement. You just type the message you want to send and select the mobile numbers of the customers and hit the SEND button. Your message will reach to all the customers instantly within a few seconds and interested customers will start calling you back. Isn’t is that easy!!

Bulk SMS service is used in almost all the sectors like education (schools and colleges), retail stores, real estate, ecommerce, healthcare (hospitals, drug stores, online pharmacy), government and in all kind of businesses. We help you promoting your business with SMS marketing. We provide bulk SMS services to promote your products and services. We provide both Transactional and Promotional Bulk SMS packs. We guarantee instant delivery, lowest cost and unlimited validity.

Bulk SMS Pricing

10,00,000Rs. 1,35,000Transactional / Promotional
5,00,000Rs. 68,000Transactional / Promotional
1,00,000Rs. 14,000Transactional / Promotional
50,000Rs. 8,000Transactional / Promotional

Above rates are inclusive of all the taxes.

Instant and 100% delivery, Lifetime validity.

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